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Building cleaning dubai

Building cleaning dubai


Commercial buildings depend upon a clean, inviting appearance to attract visitors and customers. It is extremely important that entrance areas, lobbies, common areas, waiting areas and washrooms be kept spotless to uphold the public perception of your business. Dhaka cleaning understands the importance of this and works hard to help your company present a clean, attractive presence. Whether you are located in a multi-tenant building or have a stand-alone unit,Dhaka Cleaning is prepared to help you look your best.

Dhaka Cleaning’s team of well-trained, dedicated cleaning staff is ready and able to clean and maintain your company’s public areas, staff offices, behind-the-scenes work spaces, and storage areas. We take care of the cleaning so you can concentrate on your most important job: serving your customers.

Our services include:

  • Cleaning entrances, lobbies, common areas, staircases and elevators
  • Cleaning and refreshing washrooms
  • Window cleaning
  • Power washing of non-municipal parking areas, sidewalks, and paths
  • Touch point cleaning in areas where dirt and infection transfer risks are highest
  • Hard floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Carpeting and upholstery cleaning and maintenance
  • Behind-the-scenes area cleaning (including offices, work areas, break rooms and storage areas)
  • Special event cleaning for grand openings, sales events, and conferences, etc.

Our cleaning staff is uniformed and wears identification, to maintain a professional appearance for your customers, public and staff. Cleaning services are available during or after business hours. Our cleaning equipment, procedures and supplies are all environmentally and public-friendly. Sound suppression and HEPA filtration keeps noise, dust and allergens at a minimum.

All of our cleaning team members are fully bonded and supervised by Dhaka Cleaning management personnel.

Areas we serve for commercial building cleaning services: